How to Reach your Prospects in a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and millions of lives. In time of fear and uncertainty, many people are forced to be working from home. Our new reality makes it especially challenging to reach potential prospects by phone.

You can no longer rely on switchboards or even direct dials as nobody is in office! So how do you secure a packed pipeline during a crisis?

We’re stoked to share with you that we’ve expanded our mobile phone coverage by 50% 📱 🎉

Build a New Communication Strategy

Connect With Decision-Makers that Work from Home

For sales reps relying on cold calling, lead generation can be a real struggle during COVID-19. Use mobile phones to increase your reach and have meaningful conversations.

Find Contacts That Have Mobile Phones

Leverage The Data To Stay Afloat In Times Of Crisis

A blue mobile phone icon signals that mobile phone data is available for this Contact 📱

💡Tip: Click on mobile phone icon to view and copy the number using your free Views. It won’t cost you any credits!

Proiritize Contacts With Mobile Phones

Increase Your Chances of Being Heard

Apply our new “Mobile Phone exists” Filter to perform a search only among contacts that have mobile phone numbers.

We hope you’ll close the year strong with the help of our extended mobile phone data!

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