Export contacts to Salesforce up to 1,000x faster

Sales prospecting is all about efficiency. Nothing keeps you from attaining your revenue goals like performing manual, tedious, and time-consuming tasks in the sales process. And after all that, you’re left with duplicates and mapping errors.

CRM data integrity is essential for scaling your GTM motion, but maintaining your records in a clean and accurate fashion can greatly slow you down. How about letting someone create and update your CRM records for you?

We’re stoked to share that you can now export up to 1,000 records to Salesforce in one click 🎉

Export up to 1,000 Records to Salesforce in a Click

Export your entire search or specific records, simply by clicking the Export button.

💡Tip: You won’t be charged for updating previously unlocked records. Having accurate data stored in your CRM is vital to the success of your sales and marketing activities.

See a Detailed Export Summary

See a detailed preview report, choose between leads or contacts, update existing records or create new, whatever you want! You’ll be charged only when you are satisfied with your options!

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